About Us


CardioScope specialises in cardiac rhythm monitoring, reporting and ambulatory cardiac investigations. Our goal is to promote and assists optimal health through providing a new age service for GP clinics in isolated regions right through to major hospitals in the middle of the city centre, ensuring that no patients are left out.

The team at CardioScope consist of several cardiologists and a cardiac technologist specialising in electrophysiology.

Our Specialists

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Daniel L Nicolici

Daniel has worked in the field of Cardiac Rhythm management for the last 6 years. In this time he has completed his cardiac technologist training at MonashHeart and has represented many leading cardiovascular diagnostic software, hardware and investigation companies within Australia. Daniel noticed that the technology and level of non-invasive diagnostic cardiovascular tests in isolated and city regions of Australia are out dated and not to the level they should be in this day and age. This is how the idea of CardioScope was born.

Director, Cardiac Technologist

Cardiac Electrophysiologists

Our team of electrophysiologists consult and advise patients with heart rhythm disorders. Cardiac Rhythm Management is a key interest for our cardiologists, with specialisation in interventional procedures such as electrophysiology studies, catheter ablation, pacemaker insertion, implantable defibrillators and cardiac resynchronization therapy for heart failure (biventricular pacing).

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