CardioScope specialises in cardiac rhythm monitoring, reporting and ambulatory cardiac investigations. Our goal is to promote and assists optimal health through providing a new age service for GP clinics in isolated regions right through to major hospitals in the middle of the city centre, ensuring that no patients are left out.


Advanced Technology

CardioScope is proud to introduce the next level of service when it comes to 24 hour ambulatory ECG holter monitoring (HM), 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure (BP) monitoring and 2 week

loop monitoring for your patients.

Healthcare Solutions

CardioScope will leave monitors with your clinic free of charge to use whenever requested. This allows your clinic to expand its service and not rely on external service providers for your tests.

Delivering outstanding service

CardioScope looks forward to assisting you in setting up this service for your patients thus offering a higher level of care that is centrally based in your clinic.


How do I prepare for the Test?
How is the Test Performed?
How long does it take?


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